Thank you for all the kind words we have received over the years.  We have countless stellar reviews which you can find online, but while you're here, please check out just a few of our testimonials below.

Bottom line incredible experience. I have lived in Seattle for almost my entire life but it was unique to see it from this perspective. I had been wanting to do a seaplane tour but the weather forecast was rain the entire week. When I woke up on a Friday and saw it was a sunny (more or less) day, I called around to a few places to see if I could grab a last minute appointment.

James with Seaplane Scenics was very friendly and accommodating and let me know his whole afternoon was open. I called at around 1PM and scheduled a 3PM appointment, and 2 hours later I was at the Renton airport ready to take off.

The plane was a 4 seater - 2 in the front, 2 in the back. James gave us the option of sitting in the back together or putting one person up in front in the co-pilots seat (we opted to sit in the back). There were great views all around, and I could easily see even on the other side so seating was not a big deal at all. We had headsets and radios to communicate clearly over the motor, which was great as James gave a very entertaining and informative tour.

We did a loop from Renton up to UW, around to Discovery Park, and then back around the Seattle waterfront. James pointed out Paul Allen and Bill Gates' houses, different parks, other landmarks, and would dip the plane to one side to give us a better view.

Overall really exciting and incredible experience. James and his staff were amazingly friendly and jovial and made the experience that much better.

- A Satisfied Customer from Oklahoma City, OK

I've been on numerous flight tours, in many different cities, and I must say that I've yet to come across any pilot as outgoing, exuberant, friendly and knowledgeable as James. He is a wealth of information and gives the tour a much-welcomed kick, making the time even more enjoyable than you could have hoped for. James' enthusiasm and level of commitment to his customers are just a few of the many reasons I am constantly referring friends and family to Seaplane Scenics. Do it! You won't regret it!

- Eric S.

Bob was amazing! He took us on an unprecedented flight - truly, it was AMAZING. And he was so knowledgeable about the various buildings and landmarks. Further he let me fly!!! It was just such a great flight. I am so grateful my friend and I went. Thank you Bob!

- Dorothy, 20-minute Seattle Scenic Landplane Flight

James is a great pilot and knowledgeable guy! My wife and I decided to take a seaplane tour from Carillon Point on the spur of the moment. It was the highlight of our Seattle trip! The 20 minute flight was just enough to see the Seattle skyline, Puget Sound and Lake Washington. James made it fun and interesting. Not a single scary moment. Do it, you won't regret it!

- Kristin H, Sammamish, WA

The pilot, James, is amazing!  He is welcoming, skilled, knowledgeable & friendly.  His knowledge of flying & weather patterns is very impressive.  This tour is great even on a cloudy day.  James ensures that his passengers get super views of Seattle & learn some fun facts too!  James made the trip exciting & informative for passengers aged 9 to 70!  We highly recommend this tour and we plan to give him repeat business.

- Ken M.

Was fantastic! The weather was cold and crystal clear. Tom, our pilot pointed out all the sights. We couldn't have had a better time.

- Brandon S, Philadelphia, PA