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Beyond Just Scenic Flights

As well as being the owner of Seaplane Scenics James Young is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. As a CFI, James has enjoyed introducing many people to the art and science of flying using his knowledge base and expertise achieved by over 34 years of flying. James is a member of several Aeronautics groups such as Seaplane Pilots Association, Alaska Airman's Association, Airplane Owners and Pilots Associations (AOPA) as well as several affiliated groups.

Introduction to Flight - Land or Sea

Seaplane Scenics offers a one hour introductory instructional flight in a land plane or a seaplane.  Both exciting opportunities includes 15 minutes of ground preparation and 60 minutes of flight time. Whether it be on your bucket list or the beginning of a new and captivating addition to your life this is an awe-inspiring opportunity. The cost of this stimulating experience is $255.00 for the land plane and $325.00 for the seaplane.

We also offer an exhilarating hour of training in a high performance seaplane. With this selection you will be flying for 60 minutes in a Cessna 185 with 300 HP.  The cost of this service is $695.00 and will be the memory of a lifetime.

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Seaplane Rating

For those already familiar with the friendly skies but wish to add on a Seaplane rating to their current pilot’s license, Seaplane Scenics offers training for additional rating of ASES (Airplane Single Engine Sea). You will receive 4 hours of ground training and 8 hours of flight training.  Each student will have different training time requirements based on individual proficiency.

ASES Block Rate:  Examiner fee and check ride flight time not included in block rate.

  • 6 hour package:  4 hours of ground instruction and 6 hours of flight instruction in a C-172L for $2200.00 with additional flight hours at $300.00 per hour and ground at $100 per hour.
  • 8 hour package:  4 hours of ground instruction and 8 hours of flight instruction in a C-172L for $2800.00 with additional flight hours at $300.00 per hour and ground at $100 per hour.
  • Examiner's fee varies and is paid directly to the examiner (typically $600-$800)
  • The aircraft is $250 per hour for the check ride.

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Flight Instruction

CFI accompanied flights  - add another measure of safety by completing a new flight route or getting acquainted with a new aircraft. The cost of this service is $100.00 per hour for instructor services only.

There are several other Instructional Services offered by Seaplane Scenics:

  • Tail wheel and Spin awareness training in an Vans RV6 from Renton or Chehalis
  • Biennial reviews for current pilots & recurrent training.
  • Airspace training for both class B and C around Seattle and Western Washington.
  • Canadian boarding crossings, Canadian flight rules and customs (EAPIS).
  • Advanced Seaplane training with high performance Seaplane operations including confined space, high altitude, river and mountain flying operations. 
  • Instructor Services in your aircraft and ferrying aircraft.

Please contact us for specifics on the above programs, pricing and availability.

Note:  All flights are subject to weather conditions.

Vans RV 6 training documents

Training information:

N19752 -Cessna 172L documents

N46287 C172I Documents

N103AM Cessna 185F

Seaplane study materials

N756AW C172 N