What is a Seaplane Scenics Charter Flight?

Carillon Point Charter Seaplane Flight

A charter flight means you are paying for the aircraft and pilot.  Our Cessna 185 has a 1432lbs and 5 person capacity (not inclusive of the pilot).  The charges are calculated by flight time and standby time.  The destination determines the flight time but standby time is how long the pilot and aircraft will be waiting for you.  Flight time is $595.00 Hour and standby time is $125.00 per hour.

A sample charter could be a trip from Kirkland's Carillon Point to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  The flight time is 1.8 hours round trip at a cost of $1071.00 plus sales tax ($1179.17).  Now that would be the cost if your group(up to 5 people) wanted to be dropped off.  There are many more options and may be more cost effective to have the pilot and plane wait for you.  As an example a dinner or lunch  would be an hour or two wait time at a cost of $125 to $250 while the group enjoyed their meal. at then the flight time is one round trip.  So the total cost would be $1454.42 including tax for a private flight for up to 5 people but it the pilot dropped the group and picked them up another day or time there would be round trip flight time twice (once for the drop off and once for the pick up),

  • Charter flight drop off from Kirkland, Carillon Point to Friday Harbor: $1179.17 
  • Charter flight pick up from Friday Harbor to Kirkland, Carillon Point:  $1179.17
  • Charter flight Kirkland to Friday Harbor for lunch with 2 hours wait time for lunch:  $1454.42

Example above will show that a lunch in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island would cost$290.88 per person with 4 people or $363.61 per person with 4 people as a example.  

Charter flights are available every day during daylight hours all year round.  

Sample round trip flight times to popular destinations:

  • Kirkland Carillon Point to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island- 1.8 hours 
  • Kirkland Carillon Point to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island- 1.8 hours
  • Kirkland Carillon Point to Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island- 1.6 hours
  • Kirkland Carillon Point to Rosario resort on Orcas Island- 2.0 hours 
  • Kirkland Carillon Point to East Sound Harbor on Orcas Island- 2.0 hours 
  • Kirkland Carillon Point to Alderbrook resort on Hood Canal -1.2 hours

It is best to call and get a flight time for a location but you can still estimate by using the above samples. 

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